What Distinguishes Balcones?

Not a Garbage Hauler

Balcones Resources only recycles. We do not have a fallback landfill. We must divert your resources into our recycling containers. The great thing about our recycling program is that it is a win-win. We benefit from higher volumes in terms of efficiency and revenue, and you benefit because your trash bill decreases and your rebates increase. Recycling with Balcones is a no-brainer.


Most companies are more than willing to set up a recycling program for you. We do more than just set it up. We teach you how to use it. This is no small task. We tackle each point of a material's journey to the external collection container in order to ensure your recycling is maximized and contamination free. 

We start with your janitorial crew. They are the soldiers of your recycling program. They are responsible for getting the material from point A, the generator, to point B, the external collection container. We teach them about collection, contamination, containers and materials. 

We then educate the users of the programs and let them know what items are accepted and not accepted, where to put them, and why this is important. This is accomplished through a variety of methods including lunch and learns, sustainability booths and marketing materials.


Each month you receive a summary of your previous month's recycling activity.  We document the dates, weights, and commodities. Reporting is an important tool for a recycling program.  It provides a snapshot of your material generation. It will allow you to create a baseline, identify missed opportunities, chart success, and will help you calculate your landfill diversion rate and savings. 

We also report your environmental savings in terms of trees, water, oil, electricity and landfill space conserved as a result of your efforts. Every little bit really does help, and our reporting will illustrate your company's contribution.

Sometimes your corporate offices may require more than our typical settlement statement.  We can assist you with a variety of sustainability reports including documentation required for LEED® certification.

Cleanest Material

We pride ourselves on the quality of our outbound material. Clean material is important for a variety of purposes, but ultimately it demands a higher price. Contamination is a problem in recycling, but we try to keep it at a minimum through education, waste audits, documentation and training. We are able to create a quality product because we include everyone who touches it. We've been doing this for many years, and we've perfected our techniques so that we use our equipment and our labor efficiently and effectively. 

How does this affect you? Our ability to create a clean outbound product out of your recyclables creates demand from our end users and we, in turn, can share the financial reward.


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