Globe-trotting Material

Where Does it Go?

Balcones sends its material to whatever end user or processor is best suited to handle it. In order to save on transportation costs (a saving passed on to our customers) and reduce our carbon footprint, we also take distance from our facility into consideration. All of the material travels to a destination where it can be further shredded, washed, ground, pulped, smelted, pelletized, etc.

Our material travels the world. It might go to regions of the world that may have few natural resources or it might stay in the United States to make a new product. 

Did you know that paper is one of the United State's top exports? Each year the U.S. exports approximately 17.55* million tons of paper.

Recyclability of a product is driven by those who use the recovered material to make a new product. These end users are vital to recycling. They create a market and a demand for the materials. Innovative uses of recovered materials help recyclers accept more materials, and continued development of these types of products are vital to the evolution of recycling.

 *Source:  Environmental Protection Agency


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