Balcones Recycling to Open State-of-the-Art MRF North Texas

City Council approved an ordinance yesterday, August 15th, awarding Balcones Recycling (“Balcones”) the City of McKinney’s 15-year municipal recycling contract. Balcones will build and operate a 120,000 square foot, $60 million state-of-the-art processing facility servicing McKinney and surrounding North Texas communities. The recycling campus will combine the latest innovations in recycling technology with employee wellness and community engagement programs. “This project is over a decade in the making,” said Adam Vehik, President of Balcones Resources. “We’ve had operations in the area since the early 90s and are excited for the significant environmental and economic impact this state-of-the-art facility will bring to the North Texas community.” The facility will open its doors Spring of 2026.

The new Balcones facility is custom-engineered to exceed the City’s diversion goals. Balcones will prioritize recovery rates higher than 95 percent, employee safety, and quality control. All recycled commodities will be marketed in North America, prioritizing Texas-based companies. “This recycling campus represents Balcones’ vision for material recovery”, said Vehik. “As a recycling-only company, we focus on achieving the highest recovery rates possible. We invest in equipment and infrastructure that supports community growth, and we design systems that remain flexible to adapt in the future as the recycling landscape changes.”

Balcones will create approximately 53 new full-time environmental jobs to operate the facility. On-site resources will include: (1) Energy conservation design innovations, including solar panels, passive lighting, native landscaping, and electric charging stations; (2) drop-off options for recyclable materials outside of the City program; and (3)the most advanced sortation technology available, among others.

Balcones has a municipal recycling contract with the City of Austin since 2012 and is set to open a new facility in San Antonio in 2024. The North Texas facility will be the Company’s ninth MRF and the fifth in Texas.