Balcones Resources Awarded City of Phoenix Recycling Contract

Balcones Resources Awarded City of Phoenix Recycling Contract

PHOENIX, AZ (October 20, 2022) –  City Council approved an ordinance on October 12th, 2022, awarding Balcones Resources with the City of Phoenix recyclable materials processing contract. The Austin-based recycling company will operate two facilities in Phoenix: The North Gateway facility, and the 27th Avenue facility. Both will be the company’s sixth and seventh recycling facilities. The Public Works Department contract will start mid-2023.

“The City of Phoenix has always been a leader in sustainability, and they have high expectations for their recycling program,” said Adam Vehik, CEO of Balcones Resources. “Recycling is our life’s work, so we are very excited to partner with the City to help them achieve their goals.”

The facilities will process at least 130,000 tons of material each year. Balcones’ operational expertise will increase the facilities’ efficiency to support the City’s and business community’s recycling goals. The contract prioritizes creating local loops and keeping recycled materials within the local economy whenever possible. Balcones has a strong history of marketing materials domestically and has already identified multiple local end markets as potential outlets for Phoenix’s recyclable material.

The contract is a key step in Balcones’ mission to foster a circular economy as the company grows throughout the South and Southwest. As a recycling-only company, Balcones’ mission focuses on industry stewardship, operational expertise, and a commitment to maintaining material recovery facilities (MRFs) at optimum productivity and efficiency. These objectives allow Balcones to divert as much material away from landfills as possible.

“We are thrilled to form a new partnership with the City of Phoenix, a city that shares Balcones’ commitment to circularity and innovation,” said Natalie Betts, Director of Partnerships and Municipal Relations at Balcones Resources. “We bid on this opportunity because our company goals were aligned with the City’s goals for this contract and for their recycling program, which is critical to a successful relationship between a MRF operator and a community.”

The State of Texas Alliance for Recycling (STAR) has recognized Balcones’ partnerships with municipalities in the past, awarding the company with “Outstanding Recycling Partnership” on multiple occasions. Balcones commits to continuing its record of outstanding public/private partnerships with the City of Phoenix.


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