Balcones Resources Awarded City of San Antonio Recycling Contract

Balcones Resources will be the sole service provider for the City of San Antonio Municipal Recycling beginning August 2024

SAN ANTONIO, TX (April 7, 2022)  – City Council approved an ordinance today awarding Balcones Resources, Inc. (“Balcones”) the City of San Antonio’s 15-year municipal recycling contract. Balcones will build and operate a 200,000 square foot, $47 million state-of-the-art processing facility and recycling education center in San Antonio. The facility will pioneer a new vision for a recycling campus, combining the latest innovations in recycling technology with employee wellness and community engagement programs. “The City of San Antonio has a long history of sustainability and being one of the fastest-growing municipalities in the country, they had a very clear expectation for the future of their recycling program,” stated Balcones President, Adam Vehik. “Our goal was to deliver a recycling campus that was without peer anywhere in the country.” The contract is set to commence on August 1st, 2024.

The new Balcones facility will be dedicated to supporting the City’s diversion goals. The campus is a modern Material Recovery Facility (MRF), custom-engineered to prioritize high recycling capture rates, employee safety, and quality control. The equipment features the latest technology to ensure Balcones produces the highest-grade material possible. “Recycling continues to be a better economic option than the landfill, and our commitment to recovery rates and material quality will have a direct financial benefit to the City of San Antonio. We are excited about the environmental and economic impact that the recycling campus will bring to the community,” said Vehik. All recyclable materials will be marketed in North America, prioritizing Texas-based companies.

Balcones will create approximately 70 new full-time environmental jobs in San Antonio to operate the facility. On-site resources will include:

• Employee wellness amenities include integrated walking trails, recreational facilities, and a community garden program.
• Interactive viewing gallery and education outreach activities for the community.
• Energy conservation design innovations, including solar panels, passive lighting, native landscaping, and electric charging stations.
• Drop-off options for recyclable materials outside of the City program.

Balcones has had a municipal recycling contract with the City of Austin since 2012. The State of Texas Alliance for Recycling (STAR) recognized Balcones’ partnership with Austin Resource Recovery multiple times for “Outstanding Recycling Partnership.” The Company commits to continuing its record of outstanding public/private partnerships with the City of San Antonio. This will be the Company’s sixth recycling facility and the fourth in Texas.


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