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Johnny Morris Road
TX 78724
(512) 472-3355


Chandler Rd.
TX 76574
(512) 949-3671


Senlac Drive #200
Farmers Branch
TX 75234
(972) 481-1400

Little Rock

Thibault Road
Little Rock
AR 72206
(501) 490-0500


N. Orange Ave.
FL 34234
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Our Locations


The Austin facility is the headquarters for Balcones Resources and is also our largest processing plant. The state-of-the-art facility was built to manage both residential and commercial recycling streams, and the equipment is able to process 25 tons per hour of mixed recycling material. On average, we process and ship over 10,000 tons of material to our buyers who then uses this material to create new products. The Austin facility was built with green technologies in place to increase the sustainability of the site. Features include passive lighting, solar panels and an electric car charging station.

9301 Johnny Morris Road
Austin, TX 78724


In January of 2021, we acquired an established recycling facility in Taylor, TX. Our Taylor facility processes residential and commercial single-stream recyclables from areas across Central Texas. This acquisition was part of our continued growth strategy in the region and across the United States. It provides Balcones with exciting opportunities to service additional communities in the area and improve recycling efforts in Texas.

9801 Chandler Rd.
Taylor, TX 76574



The Dallas facility is centrally located in Farmers Branch and services the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. With easy access to the entire Metroplex, our facility is able to provide hauling and processing for our customers. We are also able to partner with other recycling and waste haulers in the area and provide a facility for them to deliver their recycling materials to be processed. Our Dallas location has the ability to process commercial recycling as well as specialty material like high-grade fiber. This facility is fully enclosed which protects the material from the elements and ensures a quality end product for our mills and reprocessors.

13921 Senlac Drive #200
Dallas, TX 75234


Little Rock

The Little Rock facility is located in the Little Rock Port Authority district and is equipped to handle and pay for high volume material from manufactures and distributors. In 2015 Balcones partnered with Goldman Recycling and changed the location name to Natural State Recycling. Through the joint venture, the facility was able to expand services and programs, helping businesses in all industries create cost-efficient and environmentally sound waste reduction programs.

4501 Thibault Road
Little Rock, AR 72206



In August of 2020, we acquired Single Stream Recyclers, to continue to grow our footprint of best-in-class recycling facilities in the South. SSR sorts recyclable materials that are collected through residential and commercial recycling programs, and the equipment has the capabilities to process up to 50 tons per hour of recycled material. Through this partnership, we will be able to focus on updating, optimizing, and reinvigorating recycling infrastructure in the United States to keep valuable materials in manufacturing supply chains.

3901 N. Orange Ave.
Sarasota, FL 34234


Happy Monday! The Balcones team hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend. We want to share some food waste facts with you: ♻️🍗🍽🥕💡

•Food waste is a growing issue around the world. Composting is one way to deal with food waste, however, better management and organization can also help reduce food waste before recycling to expend less energy in production, distribution, and subsequently, recycling

•About 95% of the food we throw away ends up in landfills where it rots and releases methane and CO2

•Food waste is responsible for around 8% of global greenhouse emissions

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Stacks on stacks on stacks... of plastic bales! ♻️

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Congratulations to our employee of the month Andrea R. from our Austin Operations! 💙

Andrea manages all the Shipping and Logistics in Austin and cross docking in Temple, TX. She has charismatic and radiant personality, but very assertive when it is needed! Andrea coordinates the hauling of all our outbound material in Austin which consists of over 10k tons a month. She is an essential part of our team. Congrats, we’re very grateful to have you on the Balcones Team!




¡Felicidades a nuestra empleada del mes Andrea R de nuestras operaciones de Austin!

Andrea maneja todo el envío y la logística en Austin. Ella es una personalidad carismática ¡pero muy asertiva cuando lo es necesario! Andrea coordina el transporte de todo nuestro material de salida en Austin, que consiste en más de 10 mil toneladas al mes. Ella es una parte esencial de nuestro equipo. ¡Muchas felicidades Andrea!

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Why recycle? Well………….The list goes on and on!
-Protects Ecosystems and Wildlife
-Conserves Our Natural Resources
-Saves Energy
-Reduces the Need to Harvest New Materials
-Reduces Carbon Emissions
-Saves Money
-Brings People Together. ...
-Educates People About the Importance of Protecting the Environment

It's #AmericaRecyclesDay, one of our favorite holidays! ♻️

Join us this #AmericaRecyclesDay, a @KeepAmericaBeautiful program, in making a meaningful difference to reduce waste, recycle more & recycle right.

We just took the #BeRecycled pledge and we encourage you to do the same. Go to to Take Action & take the pledge. 🌎 ♻️

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