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“The main thing that we really focused on were our people, and we focused on our customers, and we focused on the environment. We like to surprise people and do things a little bit differently.”
- Kerry Getter, Founder and CEO

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Balcones Resources is a comprehensive environmental services company. We specialize in recovering resources through recycling, document and product destruction, and alternative energy. Balcones is not associated with a landfill, which makes us experts in diverting recyclable materials away from the trash bin and into our recycling program.

Working with Balcones Resources is a partnership. We offer janitorial training, employee awareness events, marketing materials and reporting, all geared toward increasing recycling participation and reducing landfill costs. We started as a recycling company and that remains our core business today. It is what separates us from our competition because we are passionate about our work and the impact it makes for our customers and communities.

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