Recycling Services

Achieve your environmental goals with Balcones Recycling, your partner in sustainability.Our services are suitable for a variety of needs, from small businesses to large warehouse operations.

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  • 96-gallon Toter carts delivered to your door.
  • Monthly fee starts at $60/month depending on quantity and frequency.
  • Dimensions: 35 ½”L x 29 ¼” x 43 ½”H.
  • Ideal for: multi-family units, small offices, buildings with limited space & access, small-to-medium businesses.


  • Size options include 2-yard, 4-yard, 6-yard, and 8-yard front load dumpsters.
  • Monthly fee ranges start at $65/month depending on quantity and frequency.
  • Ideal for: office complexes, strip malls, small-to-midsize warehouses, and multi-tenant buildings.


  • Refurbished and new compactors available through purchase or lease options.
  • 40-yard receiver box provided for pickups if you already have a compactor on site.
  • Janitorial training included.
  • Monthly fees include equipment rental and hauling.
  • Rebates may be available – as your sales representative!
  • Ideal for: large multi-family tenant buildings, manufacturing facilities, distribution warehouses, and corporate campuses.


  • Refurbished and new balers available through purchase or lease options.
  • Balcones can provide bale pickup services with flexible frequency.
  • Monthly fees include equipment rental, baling wire, and hauling.
  • Rebates may be available – ask your sales representative!
  • Ideal for: manufacturing facilities, distribution warehouses, high-volume production businesses, transfer stations, and recyclers.


  • Make your next event as zero-waste as possible.
  • Waste collection and disposal can include recycling and trash.
  • Includes containers, hauling and appropriate disposal of each material type.
  • Ideal for: festivals, concerts, and races from 50 to 50,000 people!

Accepted Materials

Recycling varies by location

– Paper (includes office paper, newspaper, and card stock)
– Cardboard
– Plastic bottles and containers
– Aluminum cans
– Tin containers*
– Glass bottles and jars*
– Cartons**


Plastic bottles, aluminum cans and glass are only accepted in our drop off containers in Little Rock, AR. 

* Accepted in Austin, TX; Taylor, TX; and Sarasota, FL.
** Accepted in Sarasota, FL.

Learn more about how to recycle with our FAQs.